Pakistan Players Arrive in England

Pakistan Players Arrive in England

Pakistan Players Arrive in England

31 members of the Pakistan team have landed in England in preparation for their upcoming tour in August. 

20 players of the Pakistan team have landed in Manchester together with 11 of their staff members. The 10 players who had tested positive for COVID-19, however, had temporarily been left behind in Lahore despite the fact that six of them had tested negative. Still, they are not allowed to rejoin the squad unless they achieve two consecutive negative results out of their COVID-19 tests. 

In the pictures released by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), it may be seen that the 20 players, including two reserves, were all wearing face masks. Aside from that, they had all observed proper social distancing at Lahore airport while they came out one by one. 

Sharing his thoughts about their upcoming match after the lockdown, skipper Azhar Ali said, ‘All the players are excited after a tough period. Though a tour to England has always been challenging, our performances there on the last two tours (in 2016 and 2018) are encouraging and we will try to repeat those’. 

So far, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has already made some arrangements in testing the members of the Pakistan team and their entourage before they proceed with the mandatory 14-day isolation. Still, the players will be allowed to train during the said isolation period. 

Once everything is cleared, the Pakistan side will be transferred to Derbyshire where they can fully train for their upcoming tour which will be held from August to September. The said Pakistan tour of England consists of three Test matches and three T20Is. To further understand these cricket formats, check out Betwala. 

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