Pant Says He Earned His Spot In India Cricket Team

Pant Says He Earned His Spot In India Cricket Team

Pant Says He Earned His Spot In India Cricket Team

Pant responds to his critics about his poor batting in limited-overs. 

Wicket-Keeper Rishabh Pant responded to his critics about his batting for limited-overs. Pant said that he worked hard to land his spot in India cricket team’s roster. 

During an interview, Pant spoke about the comparisons about him and legendary wicket-keeper MS Dhoni. He said that he can't achieve Dhoni’s experience overnight. 

‘I do think about the comparison with Dhoni sometimes, but it’s too difficult. If I am learning from him, I can’t possibly think that I can be in his league overnight. I am just trying to learn from him. I consider him my mentor.’

‘He has taught me so many things be it how to work on my batting or mindset before I go to bat, and most importantly, keeping calm in pressure situations,’ he added.

The wicket-keeper said that he is not thinking about being at par with his mentor. He said that if he focuses on filling Dhoni’s shoes at an early stage, he will have problems in the future. 

He said that Dhoni is his mentor and that he has learned a lot of him. 

Pant received a lot of criticisms for his poor performance during the West Indies Tour. Many critics said that he hasn’t lived up to the selectors' expectations of him. 

‘At 21, if I start thinking that I have to fill Dhoni’s shoes, it will get very difficult for me. I just try to keep it simple. I want to play the game to the best of my ability and learn from everyone around me, especially my seniors.’

Pant made his cricket debut in 2017. Since then, the young cricketer from Uttarkhand has been India’s choice for batting in Test format. 

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