PCB to Change Their Rules for Their Players

PCB to Change Their Rules for Their Players

PCB to Change Their Rules for Their Players

Pakistan Cricket Board might loosen some of their restrictions for their COVID-19 positive players who are a part of the England tour. 

Originally, the PCB stated that their COVID-19 positive players would have to have two negative tests before they can depart for England. Now, the head of their medical department Dr Sohail Saleem is consulting with some experts with the possibility of letting the players leave even with just one negative result. 

This scenario was made after ten Pakistan players and one staff had tested positive for the virus while being asymptomatic. After the said first test, these players and staff will undergo two more rounds of tests where they would need to have negative results. Upon being negative twice, the players will be cleared for travel towards England where they can start with their training. 

Should the new restriction be approved by the experts, then the players who would test negative on the second COVID-19 test will still be able to join the other players who will fly towards Manchester on Sunday. 

It may be recalled that Mohammad Hafeez has opted to be tested again the day after he had tested positive. On his second test, the results turned out to be negative. However, the PCB only considers the test results which came from their partner medical facility. This means that Hafeez would still have to have himself tested with the other players while disregarding the one which he took with his family. 

Pakistan’s tour of England, scheduled to start in August, will be comprised of three T20Is and three Test matches. To know more about these cricket formats, head over to Betwala. 

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