Players Threat to Quit Int’l Cricket for T20

Players Threat to Quit Int’l Cricket for T20

Players Threat to Quit Int’l Cricket for T20

Du Plessis admitted threat of players quitting international cricket

South Africa captain Faf du Plessis admitted that players from minor cricket countries have higher chances of quitting international cricket for T20 league competitions. This comes after Proteas fast bowler Duanne Olivier resigned from the team to join English county side Yorkshire team on February 26.

West Indies captain Jason Holder then requested to the International Cricket Council (ICC) in February to create a minimum wage for international cricket. However, the ICC has yet to release a statement regarding this request.

“Looking at the one-day side, your players that will move on from the Proteas would potentially move on to the T20 Circuit,” said du Plessis in an interview before their last ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 league stage match on July 6.

“That will become the biggest issue for us to try and stay away from for all players. And that’s including myself.”

Du Plessis said he would be delighted if Holder’s previous request to ICC was granted but he doubted it would change soon.

“That is the perfect world, but we don’t live in a perfect world,” stated du Plessis. “Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, and Pakistan: I think all of us fall into the same category, like maybe your second-tier nations and then you get your top tier which is a bit different.”

“West Indies are a great example. They probably are the worst off and that is why they have lost so many players to the circuit.”

“I think England, Australia, (and) India will always be the higher paid nations. Obviously the currency is very strong but also the packages that they (their players) get paid are obviously a lot different to your smaller nations,” continued du Plessis. “If that changes, it will be amazing for the rest of the world, but I think it's a long, long way from happening.”

Currently, England, India, Australia, and New Zealand are competing in the semi-finals of the World Cup. If you want to know how the tournament works, check out Betwala’s article on it.

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