Praveen Kumar Denies Beating Neighbour and His Son

Praveen Kumar Denies Beating Neighbour and His Son

Praveen Kumar Denies Beating Neighbour and His Son

His neighbour said that Kumar thrashed him and then proceeded to push his son.

Former Indian cricketer Praveen Kumar has made the local newspaper for the wrong reasons. He was accused by Deepak Sharma, his neighbour, of beating him and manhandling his seven-year-old son. His hand was fractured in a brawl that allegedly took place between the two which have caused the police to open an investigation. Kumar, then, has denied the allegations.

According to Sharma, Kumar arrived at around 3 PM while he (Sharma) was waiting for his son to arrive via bus. Kumar honked at the bus for it to move, but it didn’t. He exited his vehicle, clearly upset at the bus driver. When Sharma tried to separate the two, the verbal argument turned into a physical fight which ended up with Kumar beating up Sharma and manhandling his son.

‘I was waiting for my son at the bus stop at 3 pm on Saturday. Kumar came in his car and started abusing the bus driver first and later abused me. He was in an inebriated state. He thrashed me and pushed my son. I have fractured my hand’, Deepak said in an interview.

When asked about this, Kumar turned down the allegations, saying that ‘I was an international cricketer. I have two kids — a daughter and a son. I have never killed an ant then why would I beat a boy? The boy and his father Deepak Sharma, who is my neighbour, thrashed me up when I alighted from my car last evening (Saturday) near my home’.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Akhilesh Narayan informed both parties about the ongoing investigation, saying that ‘Both of them are neighbours and they have informed the police about the incident. We are investigating the matter based on their statements. Further action will be taken accordingly. The medical procedure has also been done’.

Praveen Kumar was a former member of India’s Men’s International Cricket Team. India will face West Indies in their ODI Series. India has odds of -344.83 while West Indies has odds of +275. To find out more about India’s upcoming matches, visit Betwala’s page.

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