Private Investments may Boost ‘The Hundred’

Private Investments may Boost ‘The Hundred’

Private Investments may Boost ‘The Hundred’

The ECB is considering whether or not they should sell off some stakes to raise some funds for The Hundred. 

The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) remains firm that The Hundred will push through despite some financial problems that they are currently facing. To date, the ECB is facing some calls which are made to review the structure and the costs needed for the competition. 

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the ECB has been facing some financial problems to sustain the possibility of The Hundred. With that, they have been advised to sell off some equity in The Hundred franchises to generate some funds. 

Oakwell Sports Advisory recommends that a stake in all of the eight franchises be sold to private investors as a solution to the problem. Oakwell also believes that this is better than just continuing to fund all the teams with the help of the handouts from Lord’s. 

‘Therefore each Hundred franchise would own its revenue distribution percentage as an equity stake too. This has real capital value for a county. This will attract potential private capital into buying stakes in Hundred franchises and help Counties fund the overall game’, Oakwell’s report included.

Aside from that, the report also stated how The Hundred will need to attract some Indian players as well as Indian cricket fans to attract some investors. With some Indian investment, IPL team owners may also have their players participate in The Hundred more. Also, the revenue which will be generated would be vital to establish a south-Asian UK-based fanbase. 

The Hundred is a 100-ball competition which will feature eight-city based franchises. Its launch is supposed to be held in August or September if the situation of COVID-19 comes to an end at least by then. The event is organized by the ECB which also takes charge of the T20 Blast League. To know about the said cricket league, head over to Betwala. 

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