Rahim Disappointed with Pay Disparity in BPL

Rahim Disappointed with Pay Disparity in BPL

Rahim Disappointed with Pay Disparity in BPL

Mushfiqur Rahim is frustrated with the payment for the players in the Bangladesh Premier League after its recent start last Wednesday.

Senior Bangladesh cricketer Musfiqur Rahim is seriously frustrated with the players’ payment following the fresh start of the Bangladesh Premier League last Wednesday. This happened right after the country’s cricketers held to protest against the board prior to their recent tour of India.

The wicket-keeper-batsman has been very vocal with his statements regarding the issue. He feels that there is a discrepancy in it. He did not hold back when those words left his mouth that only sparked a fire on the issue.

Bangladesh’s ‘A-plus’ category cricketers get 50 lakh Bangladeshi Taka, which is around $59,000 in the said tournament. That is a lot way smaller than what the foreign ‘A-plus’ category players get, which is 84 lakh Bangladeshi Taka that is around $99,000.

Rahim feels that this is a major discredit to the country’s cricketers.

‘If you see our players, Tamim or Shakib – we perform the whole year consistently but some players who are playing just the T20 format whole year get more wage’, said the 32-year-old Rahim. ‘It is a bit of discredit for us. If you see the other leagues, their local players are the highest-paid players’.

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