Rajinder Goel Passes Away at 77

Rajinder Goel Passes Away at 77

Rajinder Goel Passes Away at 77

Highest wicket-taker of the Ranji Trophy Rajinder Goel died at the age of 77 inside his home. 

In India, one of the most popular cricket events is the Ranji Trophy. Rajinder Goel had shined the most in the Ranji Trophy as he held the record of having taken the most number of wickets which was a total of 637. 

During his time, he had picked up 25 wickets in a season for as many as 15 times. Later on, he retired then served Haryana as a selector. After then, he became a part of the selection panel who had been designated to pick out the players of the team for the Under-19 World Cup in 2000. 

On Sunday, June 21, Goel has shared his last breaths with his family inside their residence in Kolkata. According to his family, the 77-year-old was already suffering from a long-term illness for quite a while. 

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), upon knowing Goel’s passing, has shared their condolences in an official statement from president Sourav Ganguly. It read, ‘The Indian cricketing community has lost a giant of domestic cricket today. His staggering record tells you about his craft and the control he had over it’. 

‘To have a career that lasts more than 25 years and still be able to perform consistently speaks about his dedication and commitment towards the game. To be able to pick 750 wickets needs years and years of hard work and I salute his efforts. I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family’, he added. 

The BCCI is the governing body of cricket in India which is also in charge of the Ranji Trophy where Rajinder Goel has actively played in. Aside from that, the BCCI is also in charge of India’s national team as well as the famous Indian Premier League. To know more about the IPL, check out Betwala. 

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