Sanjay Bangar Reveals Criteria For Number 4 Position

Sanjay Bangar Reveals Criteria For Number 4 Position

Sanjay Bangar Reveals Criteria For Number 4 Position

Former batting coach Sanjay Bangar reveals criteria for number 4 batsman

Former cricketer and batting coach Sanjay Bangar shared in an interview the Indian team’s criteria for the No. 4 batsman position in ODI format. After the team’s sudden exit during the World Cup 2019, the No.4 position became a talking point among fans and critics. 

After the World Cup, Bangar’s contract was not renewed and was replaced by Vikram Rathour. 

‘The entire team management and selectors were part of the decision making for the No. 4 spot. The choice relied upon current form, fitness criteria, whether he was a left-hander, whether he could bowl, etc.’, he said.

‘Being disappointed is a natural feeling, which lasted for just a few days. But I thank the BCCI and all the coaches, Duncan (Fletcher), Anil (Kumble) and Ravi (Shastri), for giving me an opportunity to serve Indian cricket for five years’, he added.

‘I look back on the progress the team made since 2014 and being No. 1 in Tests for three years in a row with happiness. We won 30 out of 52 Tests played, 13 of them overseas. We also won consistently in ODIs in all countries. The only thing that eluded us was the World Cup'.

Bangar also said that he won't be accepting any offers for a coaching job outside India.

‘I have been travelling for five years, I don’t think I may take up roles outside India immediately'.

Bangar contributed a lot to the India cricket team during his years of service. The former all-rounder was responsible for improving the batting skills of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Shikar Dhawan. 

He also shared that he didn’t encounter any problems when he was still coaching the team. 

‘Never. My experience in dealing with players is that once they trust you, they are more concerned about their future rather than the coach’s past'.

For Bangar, batting is about having a clear headspace when coming up with a strategy. 

‘I was vigilant as to how a player stays close to these basic foundations and also his individual style of play, through regular video footage and one on one discussions.’

When he asked about Pant’s future in Test, Bangar said that he is optimistic about the young wicket-keeper’s position in the team.

Bangar used to play for India cricket team in Test and ODI format. He was India’s batting coach from 2014-2019.

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