Sanjeev Gupta Resigns from MPCA

Sanjeev Gupta Resigns from MPCA

Sanjeev Gupta Resigns from MPCA

After receiving some complaints from his colleagues, Sanjeev Gupta has opted to leave the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association. 

Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) CEO Rohit Pandit has confirmed that he had received the resignation of their life member Sanjeev Gupta. The resignation shortly followed after Gupta received a complaint from his co-members Prasoon Kanmadikar and Dilip Chudgar. 

The complaint filed against Gupta took place after he has raised several conflicts of interest issues against the top Indian players in a span of one year. The latest one which he had complained against is current Men in Blue team captain Virat Kohli. So far, none of those cases which he filed was able to sustain. 

The complaint stated, ‘Mr. Sanjeev Gupta is in violation of Rule 6 of the "Code of Conduct" of MPCA, by using his association with MPCA as that being a "Life Member" in his various email/complaint to the BCCI Ethics Officer and other communication to BCCI and others, thereby causing ridicule and embarrassment to the Association and its members and causing disrepute to the Association and its Office Bearers and in turn the Members of the Association. His acts are detrimental to the interest of MPCA’. 

Following Gupta’s resignation, complainant Kanmadikar said, ‘Perhaps he has realised finally that his acts and actions were not in the interests of MPCA, BCCI & Indian Cricket at large which could have perhaps attracted penal provisions that could have been more embarrassing for him. So resignation was a way out for him, is what I can read from his act’. 

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