Security to be Increased Following Racial Abuse Incident

Security to be Increased Following Racial Abuse Incident

Security to be Increased Following Racial Abuse Incident

The player was a target of racial slurs and abuse in a Test match between New Zealand and England.

New Zealand beat England in the first of two Test matches by a large winning - an innings and 65 runs to be exact. However, this was all overshadowed by a racial incident that was targeted towards England’s Jofra Archer. Given this, David White, New Zealand’s cricket chief, has said that he will increase the security during the second Test to avoid and prevent such things from happenings.

He also said that the ground will be under stronger supervision and that he urged his countrymen to avoid racist behaviour during the second Test. ‘We’ll be increasing security around the areas where the players are, in particular when they’re coming on and off the field, but it’s quite difficult when players are on the boundary’.

He thinks that proper behaviour and self-policing should be practised by those watching the games. ‘I’d like to think there’s a bit of self-policing going on as well, we shouldn’t be accepting this kind of behaviour in our society’, he added.

Kane Williamson had also asked for an apology to be put forward on behalf of the team. ‘I can only apologise on behalf of Kiwis to Jofra, not only from our team and how we look to conduct ourselves, but what we expect of Kiwis in general. It’s a horrific thing. In a country, and a setting where it is very much multi-cultural, it’s something we need to put to bed quickly and hope nothing like that ever happens again. It certainly won’t if there’s any influence we can have on it’.

England is currently touring New Zealand and will face them in a second Test match from November 29 to December 3. To find out more about England’s upcoming matches, visit Betwala’s page.

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