Sharma Reveals Mohammed Shami’s Secret In Cricket

Sharma Reveals Mohammed Shami’s Secret In Cricket

Sharma Reveals Mohammed Shami’s Secret In Cricket

Vice-captain Rohit Sharma shares the secret behind the success of Mohammed Shami

Vice-captain Rohit Sharma shared during a post-match conference the secret behind Mohammed Shami’s success in his five-wicket haul. Shami was able to pick up wickets during the first Test series against South Africa. 

Sharma, who scored his maiden century during the Test series, said that Shami has ‘mastered bowling with the old ball’. 

‘Shami, we have seen him in these conditions not just today but previously as well. I still remember our debut together in Kolkata where the pitch was lower and slower on days 4-5 and he knows how to bowl on those pitches. He gets reverse-swing straight into play once he knows there is some help that is on offer. It's not easy to bowl when you know it's reversing’.

‘You need to pitch it in the right areas, you need to make sure that the ball is just around off-stump otherwise sometimes you can leak a lot of runs as well. So I guess he has mastered that pretty well by now, bowling with the old ball and trying the ball to reverse. These kinds of conditions are pretty ideal for him, getting batsmen to play all 6 balls which is slightly tough for batsmen on such pitches’, added Sharma.

India currently holds the first spot in the ICC Test Rankings. The team has accumulated 160 points after their match against South Africa. 

The team will play their second Test match on October 10, 2019, at Pune. 

Test is the longest format of cricket. To know more about cricket formats, read the article on Betwala.

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