South Africa Team to Condition Themselves at Home

South Africa Team to Condition Themselves at Home

South Africa Team to Condition Themselves at Home

The Proteas squad will continue their fitness programmes at home despite a national lockdown in South Africa. 

All South African players who had self-isolated for 14 days upon their return from India had officially been declared as symptom-free. After all players’ results turned out negative, every member of the Proteas squad is now out of the quarantine period as are now declared safe. 

Following the confirmation of their safety, the South African players came back to their routines of exercise and other fitness training to stay in shape. Despite match postponements and cancellations, the players had been advised to prioritise their exercises because their movements will be minimized during the country’s lockdown. 

In South Africa, no one may leave their homes except for those whose jobs are essential for the situation. Other people who are also allowed to step out of their houses are those who will buy food, seek medical assistance, and those who collect social grants. This makes it a bit challenging for the team as even exercising outdoors remain prohibited. 

The team’s strength and conditioning coach Tumi Muskela shared the complication of the situation when he said, ‘We can't, as we do in normal training, continuously assess players and adjust programmes accordingly. Now everything's over the telephone. We're making specialised programmes for them to maintain the fitness they've built so they're ready to get back into competition when dates are set for our next competition’.

Today, the team members continue with their fitness activities to stay fit and ready for their future matches once the curve flattens for COVID-19. More so, the Proteas aims to be in their best conditions as the ICC World Cup will be held for this year’s cricket schedule. For more information about the governing body of cricket which is the ICC, check out Betwala. 

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