South Africa to Have a Shorter Domestic Season

South Africa to Have a Shorter Domestic Season

South Africa to Have a Shorter Domestic Season

Cricket South Africa shortens their domestic season as they undergo some cost-cutting procedures. 

CSA announces that they’ll restructure their domestic league with fewer matches this 2020-2021 season. Aside from that, some cost-cutting procedures will also be observed as the CSA is now indebted due to the alleged mismanagement of the former administration. Today, the organization also faces struggles with regards to attracting sponsors and negotiating with broadcasters.

Usually, the league follows a round-robin system in their first-class matches and ODIs. Now, that system would be changed starting with the upcoming 2020-21 season. The new implementation will divide the six sides into groups of two or three. 

Aside from that, the teams will play the sides in the other group only once, regardless of it being played at home or away. With that new implementation, the total number of first-class and one-day league games will be reduced from 20 to 14. 

‘It is important that we announce the new structures timeously so that all franchises and provinces have a clear picture of the road ahead to advise the contracting of their players’, CSA acting chief Jacques Faul said. 

The CSA’s domestic season should start in September as the squad lineups are still being planned. South Africa’s domestic cricket is comprised of first-class cricket and ODIs. To further understand the different formats of cricket, head over to Betwala. 

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