Sri Lankan Players Return to Training

Sri Lankan Players Return to Training

Sri Lankan Players Return to Training

13 national players from Sri Lanka will take part in a 12-day residential training camp starting today. 

Sri Lanka Cricket has announced that a group of their players will start to train at the Colombo Cricket Club on the first day of June. With that, a group of bowlers from different formats will stay in a hotel for the entirety of the training period which will last up to 12 days. 

This training will start off as an in-house fitness training at the hotel and the ground training will be held on the following day. With that, a four-member unit of coaching and support staff will stay with the players during the training period. This 12-day residential training camp carefully takes into consideration all the health regulations which had been imposed by the government. 

In a media release by the board, it was said that, ‘SLC has taken all required measures in consultation with the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of every individual involved in this exercise, and has formulated a set of procedures to adhere, during the camp period and before’. 

Aside from that, all the vehicles which will be used to transport the players during the training period will be disinfected. Health officials will also visit the hotel and the practice venue to ensure that all guidelines were followed. 

These players of different cricket formats are also not allowed to leave the hotel or their practice venue to attend to their personal needs. To further understand the formats of cricket, visit Betwala. 

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