Srikkanth Believes Pandya is World Cup Key

Srikkanth Believes Pandya is World Cup Key

Srikkanth Believes Pandya is World Cup Key

Srikkanth says Hardik Pandya is the key to winning the World Cup

Former India captain Krishnamachari Srikkanth believes all-rounder Hardik Pandya is team’s key to winning the ICC Cricket World Cup. This comes after the all-rounder’s help in India’s match against Australia where he pushed the scores from 312 to 352.

“The rate he scored at added so much impetus and carried India to a greater score. It was probably the game-changing moment of the day,” said Srikkanth. “They promoted Pandya to four and that gave him great confidence to take the game away from Australia. They lost control when he was in the middle.

Srikkanth continued that Pandya’s great form is a huge boost for India especially since England have several all-rounders that can turn the game in their favour.

“Pandya is a weapon Australia don’t have — an all-rounder of the highest quality. England have a box of them, while we have Pandya in what is probably the most important position in the team,” stated Srikkanth.

“He did not take wickets but that did not matter, as Jasprit Bumrah took three. He is at the top of his game and loves it here. I expect him to end up with so many wickets at the end of the tournament,” continued Srikkanth.

India won their first two matches against South Africa and Australia which cemented their position as one of the leading contenders in the tournament.

“You can’t deny it, this has been an absolutely fabulous start for India,” added Srikkanth. “The batsmen are scoring runs, the bowlers are taking wickets and we even got two-run-outs against Australia in a result that suggests everything is right inside the camp.”

However, Srikkanth stated that the team should not underestimate New Zealand’s powerful seam attack in their upcoming game.

“It’s now full steam ahead to New Zealand and that will also be a very tough match. I think New Zealand’s bowlers are a step up on Australia’s and are likely to be a handful,” said Srikkanth.

India will be playing against New Zealand on Thursday at Trent Bridge. India currently have odds of -213 and New Zealand have +180 odds.

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