Stokes Said He Didn’t Ask Umpires to Take Back Runs

Stokes Said He Didn’t Ask Umpires to Take Back Runs

Stokes Said He Didn’t Ask Umpires to Take Back Runs

Stokes said that he did not say anything like that and just apologized to the Kiwis.

In the recently concluded Cricket World Cup, England has finally achieved their ultimate goal of winning the illustrious tournament. They managed to beat New Zealand by “the bearest of margins.” The regulation ended in a tie prompting a Super Over which also ended in a tie. The Brits won by superior boundary count. 

Ben Stokes was the main reason why England lifted their maiden trophy. He performed excellently, scoring 84-not-out, and had some last-minute heroics with a little “luck of the Irish.” During the Super Over, an attempt to run him out led to an overthrow after the ball hit his bat and travelled to the boundary. Umpires awarded him six runs because of this.

James Anderson later said that Stokes asked the umpires to take back the extra four runs from the overthrow. Stokes, in a later interview, said that “I saw all of that. I was thinking to myself, did I say that? But hand on heart, I did not go up to the umpires and say something like that to the umpires. I went straight to Tom Latham and said ‘Mate, I am so sorry’, looked over to Kane (Williamson) and said I’m sorry.’”

That instance turned the tide in favour of England. “That’s obviously been a big talking point. Don’t think there’s much to say. If you do that a thousand times again it’s not going to happen. Martin Guptill threw the ball in from 70 yards near the boundary and its managed to hit my bat off a full dive and go to the boundary. it’s a freak, freak accident,” added Stokes.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is played in the ODI-limited-overs format of the game. This format emphasizes players’ dynamic abilities to score as well as upping the tempo of the game. To find out more about the different format of cricket games, visit Betwala’s page.

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