Sunil Narine Cleared by IPL Suspect Bowling Action Committee

Sunil Narine Cleared by IPL Suspect Bowling Action Committee

Sunil Narine Cleared by IPL Suspect Bowling Action Committee

Kolkata Knight Riders Sunil Narine has already been cleared by an IPL committee after being reported for a suspected illegal bowling action. 

In a match played against the Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders spinner Sunil Narine was placed on the IPL warning list. KKR won the said game by two runs with the help pf Narine’s death bowling skills which had been suspected as illegal. This, however, had already been cleared by the IPL’s Suspect Bowling Action Committee. 

Having been placed on the warning list, Narine was still allowed to take part in the game. However, there is a risk of being suspended should he be reported for the second time. With that, KKR has decided to have him left out of the game while the Suspect Bowling Action Committee still reviews his action. 

After having Narine’s actions reviewed, a statement had been released by the committee. The statement said, ‘KKR requested for an Official Assessment of Mr Narine's action from the IPL Suspect Bowling Action Committee, submitting action footage in slow motion with back and side angles. The Committee carefully reviewed all the deliveries of action footage sent of Mr Narine with the naked eye and has come to the conclusion that the elbow-bend appears to be within the range of permissible limits’. 

‘The Committee also noted that Mr Narine should reproduce the same action going forward in the IPL 2020 matches as presented to the Committee in the video footage. Mr Narine has now been removed from the IPL Suspect Action Warning List’, the statement added. 

This has not been Narine’s first time to have his action subject for review. In fact, he already had some problems since 2014. He was reported twice in the 2014 Champions League Twenty20 and was forced to miss out the 2015 World Cup to work on his actions. He had also been reported during the 2015 IPL. Aside from that, there are also several other instances where he had been reported. 

The next match of KKR will be played Sheikh Zayed Stadium on October 21. So far, the odds for the match are +102 for KKR and -136.99 for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. To know the odds for the other upcoming matches, visit Betwala. 

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