Tendulkar Warns India to Work as a Team

Tendulkar Warns India to Work as a Team

Tendulkar Warns India to Work as a Team

Sachin Tendulkar reminds India that they need to work as a team.

Retired batsman Sachin Tendulkar warned Team India that they should work as a team because they cannot rely on captain Virat Kohli. Tendulkar continued that everyone must step up especially at crucial stages of the tournament because one man cannot win the ICC World Cup alone.

“I think you will always have a couple of individuals stepping up every game but without team support, you can’t do much. Just because of one individual, you can’t win a tournament. No way. Unless, others chip in at every crucial stage. If that doesn’t happen, there will be disappointment,” said Tendulkar in an interview with PTI.

“There is a good balance in the side. We have a number of guys with 8-10 years of experience and at the same time we have talented youngsters like Kuldeep (Yaldav), (KL) Rahul, Yuzvendra Chahal, Hardik (Pandya), and Jasprit (Bumrah) with a couple of years of international cricket. So it’s a perfect blend with all the makings of a wonderful team. I rate our chances very high,” he continued, talking about India’s chances in bagging the World Cup.

Tendulkar then tackled the rumors that the bowling style of bowlers Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav, who are India’s spinning options, are well-read by batsmen over tenure. This comes after the duo failed to score much during the Australia series in India. Tendulkar stated that India should not worry about this because it does not matter in getting wickets.

“There is a thing called error in judgement and that can happen with (the) best of batsmen. You may think the ball would turn four inches but there is (an) eight inch turn. The distance between middling the ball and edging it is a mere deviation of less than two inches. Even when you know that an outswinger had been bowled, you still edge it.”

Tendulkar is a former captain of the India national cricket team and is considered to be the greatest batsman in the history of cricket. The warning comes before India starts their World Cup campaign on June 5 against South Africa.