Tim Paine Optimistic on Day-Night Test Against India

Tim Paine Optimistic on Day-Night Test Against India

Tim Paine Optimistic on Day-Night Test Against India

The Aussie Test captain wants to play against India in a day-night Test match next summer in Brisbane.

Tim Paine wants Indian captain Virat Kohli to accept the challenge of playing the first Test at The Gabba when they tour Australia next summer. Australia is currently playing a two-match Test series against Pakistan at home. After their win in the first match, Paine set forth a request to play against India in Brisbane first.

It has been an unofficial norm to start a series at The Gabba whenever a team is to tour Australia. Last year, however, India’s tour started in Adelaide and also did not play a Test match at The Gabba. Paine was asked about India’s next year tour of Australia and their chances of playing in Brisbane. ‘We’ll certainly try and we’ll have to run that by Virat’, said Paine.

‘We’ll get an answer from him at some stage I’m sure. That’s where we like to start our summer and it has been like for a long time except for last summer. As I said we’ll ask Virat and see if we get his permission to play here and maybe even get a pink-ball Test if he’s in a good mood. So we’ll wait and see’.

It’s not just about from a cricketer’s perspective that makes them want to play in Brisbane, but a psychological one as well. ‘We like to start here against anyway. Having said that it doesn’t win us games of cricket. The reason we win games at the Gabba is because we outplay our opposition, that doesn’t change dependent on the venue, we said the same when we were in Edgbaston, at times the venue doesn’t matter, it’s about skill and execution but certainly we enjoy playing here which allows you to settle into games a little bit quicker’.

Australia will face India in a three-match ODI series starting January 14. To find out about these matches and more, visit Betwala’s page.

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