Vikram Rathour Gives Rishabh Pant Advice

Vikram Rathour Gives Rishabh Pant Advice

Vikram Rathour Gives Rishabh Pant Advice

New batting coach Vikram Rathour gives comment about Rishabh Pant

India cricket team batting coach Vikram Rathour commented on Rishabh Pant’s batting during the West Indies tour. The coach said that Pant is a good player, but needs to learn discipline in the field.  

‘At this level it is more about the mindset, getting your game plans right. Lots and lots of discussions. Why they are making certain decisions at whichever time they do that. Someone like Rishabh, I think he is a phenomenal player. There is no doubt about that’.

He commented that young players are often being careless in the field because they are too focused on scoring without devising a strategy. 

‘Of course, he needs to sort out his game plans a little more, bring a little bit of discipline to his game. All the young players need to realise that there is a fine line between fearless cricket and careless cricket’.

‘What team management is asking of them is fearless cricket. Having clear game plans and playing with intent and backing your strengths. At the same time, they cannot be careless. I am sure they are starting to understand that’.

Pant countered the comments about him and defended his batting technique. The young batsman said that the issues circulating him is because he doesn’t play ‘safe’ cricket. 

‘If you are playing days cricket and get out trying to hit a six, everybody knows and says it is irresponsible. But when it comes off, nobody says anything’. 

‘The percentage is what matters. If you are getting out in ten matches but are getting the results in nine of them, that is important. If my percentage of results is high, I only focus on my process. And if something is working for me, it might not work for someone else. Similarly, if something is working for someone else, it might not always help me’.

‘Sometimes you have to curb your instincts, that is also important. At the end of the day, you have to score runs. Can't play just to survive’, Pant added.

India cricket team’s new assignment is South Africa’s tour of India. The teams are scheduled to play three sets of T20I, ODI, and Test. 

T20I, ODI, and Test are the three formats of cricket. To know more about cricket formats, read articles on Betwala.

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