Virat Kohli Comments on Playing Day-Night Match

Virat Kohli Comments on Playing Day-Night Match

Virat Kohli Comments on Playing Day-Night Match

The historic match between India and Bangladesh has recently concluded.

India has recently concluded its historic day/night Test match against Bangladesh. Unsurprisingly, they beat Bangladesh by a large margin. In what was a historic game due to the number of spectators, the event would be a successful one - and a first of its kind.

True to their nature, the Indian bowlers have made the opposing team work very, very hard to earn their runs. Ishant Sharma took nine wickets while Umesh Yadav took five wickets in the second innings. Apart from the fast bowlers, Virat Kohli treated his team to a very impressive performance.

Playing under floodlights, the Indian captain enjoyed facing the pink ball. In a post-match press conference, Kohli said that while walking out to bat, he felt as if he was in an IPL game. However, he had to remind himself to remain calm and collected. He also mentioned the challenge of batting during sunset.

‘Under lights, it was a different experience. First, when I walked out, I felt like the IPL game atmosphere and you feel like smashing the first ball. But you have to remind yourself that you have to play compact. As a batsman, your set up changes. Even if you are set and you are batting well, as soon as it gets dark and the lights are on, you can be in trouble very quickly. Luckily, I went in when the lights were on and I did not have to go through that transition but I think that will be another challenge in the future’.

He then mentioned about the advice that Sachin Tendulkar gave him. ‘I spoke to Sachin paaji on the evening of the first day and he made a very interesting point that probably with the pink, you will have to treat the second session like the morning session. When it is getting darker, the ball starts to swing and seam and everything. So, the first session, you invariably play like you play from lunch to tea in a normal timing Test match and the second session would be like a morning session and the last session is like that evening session. So, your planning changes, your declaration, strategies and timing, everything changes’, he said.

India will face the West Indies in a three-match T20I series. To find out more about India’s upcoming matches, visit Betwala’s page.

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