Waugh Questions Test Matches Schedule for Ashes

Waugh Questions Test Matches Schedule for Ashes

Waugh Questions Test Matches Schedule for Ashes

Steve Waugh said Test match schedule for Ashes series are too close

Former Australia captain Steve Waugh said the five Test matches scheduled over six weeks for the upcoming Ashes series are too close together for a proper game. Waugh continued the line-up can be affected if even a few players got injured in the matches. However, Waugh believes this is one of the reasons that the Ashes series will be exciting.

“I really believe it's a big ask for the fast bowlers on both sides to play five Tests in six weeks and that could have a big impact on the whole series, so, for instance, Jimmy Anderson gets injured, or Mitchell Starc gets injured for us, it could really affect the line-up,” said Waugh.

“Depth in the squad will be important but I honestly think if I was a betting man I wouldn't back either side because I don't know who's going to win. It's going to be that even. I think it's going to be a fantastic series."

Waugh stated that England’s win in the recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 do not matter in their upcoming Test games.

“One-day cricket is irrelevant to Test cricket. They're different teams, different captains. It's a different sport really. If you compare Test cricket and one-day cricket you're almost not playing the same sport. It's played in a totally different way,” stated Waugh. “England will say it's important for everyone and sure if you win that's great but when it comes to the first Test at Edgbaston it's not going to matter what happened in the one-day World Cup."

Australia will play against England in the upcoming Ashes series. The first Test match is at Edgbaston Cricket Ground from August 1 to 6.

England currently has -147 odds to win the tournament while Australia has +124. If you want to bet outright on this series, check out the cricket odds page of Betwala.

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