West Indies Players to be Quarantined in England

West Indies Players to be Quarantined in England

West Indies Players to be Quarantined in England

The players of the West Indies would have to deal with a 14-day quarantine upon arriving in England for their tour. 

Cricket West Indies (CWI) has already identified their 30 chosen players for their upcoming tour in England which had been postponed until July. To date, CWI and the England Cricket Board remains to be in coordination with one another to settle how they would operate and execute the upcoming tour. 

According to CWI’s CEO Johnny Grave, ‘We fully expect the quarantine for two weeks, but within our discussions with the ECB we would expect to be in a facility that allows us to train outdoors, so we're talking about cricket venues that have hotel accommodation on the site, and therefore the entire practice facility, as well as hotel accommodation, would be in a bio-secure environment’. 

Grave also ensured that both cricket boards are working to ensure the safety of all their players and staff. Both sides also remain to seek advice from experts so as to confirm whether or not the tour can take place. 

Still, CWI has asked their players to continue with their individual training and physical fitness routines to condition themselves. Meanwhile, England Test players will also resume their individual skill-based training in the weeks to follow. 

The West Indies tour of England which was supposedly set to begin on June 4 consists of three Test matches. To further understand this format of cricket, head over to Betwala. 

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