What is ‘The Participation Test’?

What is ‘The Participation Test’?

What is ‘The Participation Test’?

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Sky Sports are widening the audience for cricket.

The ECB has decided to encourage people to watch and play cricket during the third Ashes Test match. Sky Sports, the official broadcaster of The Ashes, has joined the board’s mission and will be making cricket available to a more people through a series of short videos. This Test match will also be known as ‘The Participation Test’ where some highlights of the sport will be shown.

The first day will show England’s historic first World Cup win. This is to help inspire the younger generation about the sport and get them to tune in to games and play the sport.

The second day will focus on South Asian Action. Lord Patel will join programme manager Shruti Saujani to discuss and explain the steps taken to improve the access to cricket facilities in urban areas.

The third day will focus on England’s physical disability team. The show will speak with Ian Martin, the ECB’s head of disability cricket, about the team’s performance in the first World Series.

‘Everyone at Sky Sports is looking forward to an even closer partnership with the ECB. It will give us the chance to tell the stories of inspiring even more people to engage with the game. The profile and interest of an Ashes series also gives us a great opportunity to shine a light on the great work on inclusion and diversity at all levels’, Sky’s Head of Cricket Bryan Henderson said.

The Ashes is one of cricket's premier Test series. It is a series between England and Australia and has been going on since the late 1800s. To find out more about The Ashes and its upcoming matches, visit Betwala’s page.

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