Find out how to make a cricket sports bet online. Know some of the most famous cricket sports leagues and where you can wager on them.

Making cricket sports bet online is one of the things you need to try if you love the sport. This is because you have the opportunity to increase your money while watching your favourite teams. You can easily wager on your favourite team if you feel like they can win the game. As soon as the match ends, you can quickly get your sports betting payout.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in online sports betting sites. This is because this is considered to be one of the most commonly played sports in the world. Additionally, cricket sports betting is one of the ways you can support your favourite team. Not only will you have more fun because your team won but you can also double your money.

One of the things you need to keep in mind if you start wagering is that you know how to read the odds. These odds are shown next to the teams’ names every time there is a match. There are different kinds of sports betting odds you can find. However, these are some of the most common odds at online bookmakers’ sites:

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds is one of the most popular formats of sports betting odds. This is because you can quickly compute the amount you can get if your wager is successful. All you need to do is to multiply the decimal odd you see to the amount you want to wager. The result is the profit you can get if the team won.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the higher the odds, the lower the team’s chances of winning. This means if you saw a 2.1 cricket sports bet online odd, the team has a low chance of winning. However, if you saw an odd starting with 1, this means the team has higher chances of winning the game.

Fraction Odds

Fraction odds are similar to decimal odds. This is just written in a fraction format. You can quickly see the chances of your favourite team to win the game. However, before you start wagering, you need to remember two things:

  • Your possible profit is larger if the numerator is larger than the denominator
    (Stake x Odd = Profit) + Initial Stake = Total Payout
  • The amount staked is higher than the possible profit if the denominator is larger than the numerator
    (Stake/Odd = Profit) + Initial Stake = Total Payout

You can easily compute the amount you can win using the fraction formulas given above. This means you do not have to worry when you see cricket sports betting odd online in the form of a fraction.

American/Moneyline Odds

The Moneyline or American odds is one of the most commonly used formats in the United States. This shows which team is the favourite and the underdog of the game. The favourite is represented with a minus (-) sign beside the odd. While the underdog is represented with a positive (+) sign next to the odd. This means you can quickly tell which team has higher chances to win.

Wagering on the underdog means you have to stake 1 unit to possibly win the odd. Meanwhile, you have to wager the odd given so you can win 1 unit.

Let’s say you saw the following odds on an online bookmakers’ site:

  • India → -500
  • England → +250

This means India is the favourite and England is the underdog. You need to wager ₹500 to win ₹100 if you bet on India. On the other hand, you need a ₹100 stake to possibly win ₹250 if you bet on England.
Once you know how cricket sports betting online works, you only need to know one thing. This is to make sure you know the team you want to bet on.

This increases your chances of winning your wager. However, this does not guarantee that you can have a successful bet every time. This is because your wager still depends on the skills of the team to win the match.

Famous Cricket Sports Leagues

There are a lot of cricket sports leagues in the world. You can find a lot of cricket leagues from some of the leading cricket nations: India, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Pakistan. No need to worry because you can easily find cricket sports betting odds for all of these leagues. Here are some of the most famous cricket sports leagues in the world that you can wager on:

ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is considered to be the highest level of competition in cricket. This is held every four years. It is hosted by the highest governing body of cricket which is the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The 105 nations that play cricket can compete in this. However, this is only possible as long as they were able to survive the elimination leagues during the four years.

World Cricket League

The World Cricket League is one of the elimination leagues for the Cricket World Cup. The teams that can compete in here do not have to reach Test status. The status is considered to be the highest standard of cricket sports. There are only 11 Full members that have reached Test status out of 93 associate members in the ICC.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is considered to be the most successful domestic cricket sports league. This is held annually in India. There are eight different teams that compete in this tournament representing the cities in India. This league also contributed ₹11.5 billion to the GDP of the Indian economy in its 2015 season. It is also ranked sixth in the world with the highest average attendance in 2014. This is because it had an average of 26,542 watching the games.

Where to Make a Cricket Sports Bet Online

There are a lot of bookmakers where you can make cricket sports bet online. You can check out the comprehensive reviews that Betwala has on some of the best sports betting sites in the industry that you can wager on:












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