Watching your favourite football teams play in their leagues is entertaining. You can join in their excitement when they win the games and feel their loss if they did not. However, you have a general feeling if your favourite team can win the game. This is because you know their skills as well as their opponent’s skills. You can use this feeling to your advantage by making a football sports bet online.

This is easy because you are already familiar with your favourite teams. You can increase your money at the same time your team wins. This means you can become more invested in watching their games. You can also feel as if you won their match because you can get extra money when they do. This is also one of the most popular entertainments for a lot of football fans.

Football sports betting online is not complicated. The only thing you need to know is the schedule of the team you want to bet on and the odds. The sports betting odds in bookmakers’ sites show the chances of the team to win the game. Generally, you can use these odds to calculate your possible profit if they win.

There are a lot of sports betting odds you can find on online sportsbooks. However, here are some of the most common odds for football sports bet online:

American/Moneyline Odds

The American or Moneyline odds is one of the most common odd formats for football. This is because it shows the team favoured to win and the team who is favoured to lose. The underdog is represented with a positive (+) sign next to the odd. While the favourite is shown with a minus (-) sign next to the odd.

The computation is different for the favourite and the underdog for Moneyline odds. The odd shown in the favourites is the amount you need to wager to win ₹100. Meanwhile, the odd you see for the underdog is the amount you can win for every ₹100 you wagered.

Fraction Odds

The fraction odds is the common European format for sports betting odds. Computation for this is easy if you remember the formulas. This is because there are different formulas if the numerator or denominator is larger than the other. Here are the formulas and the explanation:

  • If the numerator is larger than the denominator, your profit is larger than your stake.
    (Stake x Numerator = Profit) + Initial Stake = Total Payout
  • If the denominator is larger than the numerator, your stake is larger than the profit.
    (Stake/Denominator = Profit) + Initial Stake = Total Payout

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds is one of the other commonly used odd formats in European countries. You can easily find this in most sports betting sites. This is because it is easy to understand. The chance of your favourite team winning the game is already shown in the decimal format. All you need to do to calculate your possible profit is multiply your stake to the odd. The result is your possible profit if the wager is successful.

There are also different kinds of bets you can do in football sports betting. These are some of the types of wagers you can make:


The totals is the assumed combined score of the teams in a match. You can wager on which team will go over or under the total once the match ends.


The parlay is one of the most fun bets you can do if you want to wager a lot. This is because it is also known as a combo bet. You can make 2 to 12 bets that are connected to each other in football sports betting. However, all of the bets you made need to win. Otherwise, you lose if even one of your wager is not successful.

Point Spread

A point spread is a handicap given to both teams before the game starts. This handicap can work in favour of the underdog. This is because you can win the wager if the underdog reached the margin of victory given in the handicap. Additionally, you can win if you wagered on the favourite team and they reached past the handicap points.

Once you know how you can read the sports betting odds, you can easily make a football sports bet online. You just need to choose which team you want to wager on. Then you need to wait and see if your bet is successful by watching the matches. Do not worry because you can get your sports betting payout.

However, the estimated time you can receive it depends on your withdrawal payment method. How long it takes is often indicated in the payment methods of each online bookmakers’ sites. This means you can easily check this.

Famous Football Sports Leagues

Football sports betting is easy because there are a lot of leagues you can wager on. Here are some of the most famous football sports leagues:

La Liga

La Liga is the highest professional football tournament in the Spanish league system. This is locally known as the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División. It has been founded in 1929. Currently, there are 20 teams that annually compete in the tournament.


Bundesliga is the top football competition in the German league system. This was founded in 1963. The tournament is annually organized by the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL). There are 18 teams that compete every season of the league.

Premier League

The Premier League is the highest football tournament in the English league system. It was founded in 1992. The tournaments are organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Currently, there are 20 teams that annually compete in the tournament.

Where to Make a Football Sports Bet Online

You can easily find odds for your favourite team’s match on most sports betting websites. This is because football is one of the most popular sports in the world. However, if you want to know some of the best sports betting sites in the industry you can wager in, check out the detailed reviews that Betwala has:












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