Two helmets that look identical but are brackets apart (in terms of quality).

A. Shrey Premium with Mild Steel Visor Cricket Helmet

Shrey Premium with Mild Steel Visor Cricket Helmet


The Shrey cricket helmet costs ₹ 1,899, the average cost for a medium-quality helmet. The helmet serves a ‘quick fix’ for people wanting to play cricket casually.


The helmet itself is made of carbon fibre, a light and extremely strong material. It is able to withstand direct impacts from objects that are travelling fairly fast. Inside the helmet are small supports that ensure your skull doesn’t hit the helmet itself. This is so that the if and when a ball does strike the helmet, the force of the impact doesn’t transfer directly to your head which could cause a concussion.

The visor is made from iron which is a light and strong metal. It extends all the way to the chin and down to the ears, offering maximum protection. The ear guards are also covered with high-density foam that helps absorb impact and provides added protection.

The helmet also has an adjustable and detachable nape guard. This added feature protects the batsman from unseen and/or wild throws and provides additional comfort. It can also be removed and washed since it absorbs sweat.


As mentioned, this helmet has multiple features that make it easier for the batsman to see and play while protecting him from injuries. There is also sweat-absorbing cloth all over the helmet that can be detached for cleaning purposes. This feature helps the player focus on the game without having to worry about sweat trickling into his eye.

Intended User

The helmet is intended for use by an adult male. Therefore, it is not advisable that the helmet be used by younger players or players with a small head. Bigger helmets tend to fall down while smaller helmets don’t exactly fit on the head - it just sits there. Either way, it is unable to do its job of protecting the player’s head if not worn properly.

B. Klapp Professional Stainless Steel Grille Cricket Helmet

Klapp Professional Stainless Steel Grille Cricket Helmet


The Klapp Professional cricket helmet costs around ₹ 5,400.00. It costs this much mainly because the materials used in creating one are high-calibre materials. As such, it is used in professional cricket because it is made to conform with safety standards set forth by the ICC.


The helmet is made from three layers of carbon fibre witch each one (starting from the innermost) stronger than the last. This ensures that players who use the helmet are safe when struck in the head by a cricket ball. The helmet also features a rear guard; it adds protection to the supposed unprotected areas of the head.

The visor is made from stainless steel, a fairly strong metal. It is mounted on the helmet itself and cannot be adjusted. However, it has built-in shock absorbers that prevent the transfer of force from the visor to the helmet.

There are multiple air outlets that allow air to circulate in and around the wearer’s head.


The helmet is fairly comfortable to wear given that it has multiple safety features. It is light and does not add stress to the neck.

Intended User

The helmet was designed for use in professional play, even in first-class cricket. However, this does not mean that it cannot be used for lesser tournaments such as club matches and even casual games played in fields and in the streets.

C. Final Comparison

The Klapp cricket helmet is easily the best option between the two. Setting aside the cost of the helmet, the materials are far more superior, the safety features are safer (for lack of a better word), and the helmet itself can withstand greater impacts.

However, if your budget cannot accommodate the more expensive option and if casual games are more your thing, then the Shrey cricket helmet will do.

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