Top Cricket Helmets Reviewed

Find out which brand of cricket helmets are stronger, cheaper, and safer. Check out Betwala’s review on some of the top cricket helmets.

Cricket Helmet Illustrations

Believe it or not, there are no rules in cricket requiring players to wear a helmet - it’s totally up to the governing body of where the matches will be played to decide. However, should the players be required to or opt to wear one, they must comply with ICC safety requirements. One of these is complying to British Standard 7928: 2013 which specifies that a helmet must be able to withstand a certain amount of force.

Batsmen are the only players allowed to wear a helmet because they are the ‘target’ - not specifically but the ball has to go through them, so there is a chance injury. Especially when the ball is travelling at more than 90kph. With this, players doing away with the thought of the helmet ‘lessening the manhood of the game’. Safety is now their top priority.

The same should be said when making a purchase: safety should be your top priority. This review will help you in making the proper decisions on which helmet brand to buy and give some important details that should not be overlooked. Details such as price, material, its intended user, and how comfortable it is. 

Price is almost always the number one aspect that every buyer looks at. It tells them if they can afford it or not, if the item is ideally made of high-quality materials, or if the item is made from a known manufacturer.

Material is just as important as it tells the buyer if the item is durable, if it complies with certain rules, or if it will last longer than its expected life span.

Comfort is one of the aspects that a buyer looks at when making a purchase. If the item fits and is comfortable to move in, then it is more likely that the item will be bought.

The intended user is important, otherwise anyone can just purchase a cricket helmet without it being the correct fit. This means that if and when that buyer decides to use the helmet during a game, he’s actually adding to the chances of him getting injured.