Two thigh guards with different designs but similar priced.

A. BAS Vampire Player Thigh Pad 2 Strap

BAS Vampire Player Thigh Pad 2 Strap


The BAS Vampire Player Thigh Pad 2 Strap costs ₹ 1,730.00 


The BAS thigh guard’s inner part is made from soft, super-absorbent materials such as cotton and cloth. Aside from providing comfort, it absorbs sweat that may make the player lose focus on the game. The outer part is made from leather and a low density foam which adds both strength and comfort.

It has two elastic velcro straps that help it from falling off; these wrap around the wearer’s thigh. The other two straps are fixed on the thigh guard and are made of elastic cloth. This helps ensure that it won’t accidentally fall off or loosen during a game.

Area Protected

The thigh guard protects the thigh and extends to the top of the knee which is a relatively prone area. Though not providing enough cover for the knees, it is enough to deflect a direct contact with the ball.


The BAS thigh guard may feel uncomfortable during long periods since two of the four straps are fixed; though stretchable, they tend to feel tight when worn for an extended amount of time.

B. DSC Intense Pro Cricket Thigh Pad

DSC Intense Pro Cricket Thigh Pad


The DSC Intense Pro Cricket Thigh Pad costs ₹ 1,849. This is surprisingly affordable given that it is made from quality materials and has various features.


The thigh guard is uniquely designed in that it is a single item with three separate pieces. This makes the thigh guard fit perfectly to the wearer in any way he wants.

The pieces’ outer sides are made of high quality PVC material, excellent at deflecting incoming objects and absorbing impact. The inner sides are made of low density foam, which prevents and minimizes the transfer of force to the wearer’s thigh.

The straps are made from comfort-fit elastic materials, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit to the thigh. The top-most and central piece of the thigh guard have a solid thermoplastic polyurethane outermost layer to help absorb any impact.

Area Protected

The thigh guard extends all the way to the hip down to the upper part of the knee.This adds extra protection and is a feature other thigh guards do not have. There is also a piece that is worn on the thigh opposite the batting hand to protect from any ricochet and wild throws.


Because of the thigh guard’s adjustable straps, you can make it as tight or loose as you want. You can even change the positions of the individual pieces if you want for even more comfort. The pieces are also soft and do not restrict air from flowing.

C. Final Comparison

The DSC thigh guard is the best option between the two simply because it provides superior protection and comfort. It has features that most thigh guards do not have: instead of it being a single piece, it is three individual pieces that make up the thigh guard.

Both thigh guards are meant for professional leagues, though they are not restricted to just that. They may be used in casual games, club and county matches, and even in semi-professional games. However, seeing as these are protective gear, it is highly recommended that you wear them regardless of the level of play. This is to help prevent any injuries that you could otherwise have if you aren’t wearing one.

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