Two fairly inexpensive leg guards.

A. Wasan Cricket Batting Leg Guards

Wasan Cricket Batting Leg Guards


The Wasan leg guards cost ₹ 750. It is cheaper mainly because it is meant to be used by children aged 10 to 16 years old. Also, the materials used to make this leg guards are not the highest quality.


The outer part of the leg guard is made from durable PVC plastics. This helps the leg guards deflect cricket balls; however, the impact can often still be felt in the shin. It’s better to have felt a small amount of force rather than having your femur crushed by a cricket ball travelling at 120 kph.

The inner part of the leg guard is made from nylon and cotton that help lessen the force of the impact. It also adds comfort to the wearer especially since these guards have to be worn a bit tight.

The straps are made from elastic velcro material, which allows it to fit to larger sizes of legs.

Area Protected

The leg guards are supposed to guard the legs from injury, prevent a direct hit to the shin which could result in a shattered femur (which will need metal bars and screws to fix), and deflect balls that could potentially hit the ankle too. It also extends to and protects the knee area.


The leg guards feel comfortable when worn. The elastic velcro and cotton inner stuffing make it feel that it is strapped not too tightly even though it is. Use of the leg guards can feel uncomfortable during long periods of time.

B. GM 101 Cricket Batting Leg Guards

GM 101 Cricket Batting Leg Guards


The GM 101 leg guards cost ₹ 1,079. It is made from relatively high-quality materials, hence the high cost.


The outer part of the leg guard is made from low-density foam and PVC which is perfect for absorbing impact and deflecting direct hits from cricket balls. It also makes the leg guards extremely lightweight, weighing only 130 grams each. There are individual vertical bars on the front which helps divert the ball sideways and away from the leg if and when it hits.

The inner part of the leg guards are made from cotton and cane, soft materials that provide comfort to the wearer. These also make the leg guards lighter and prevent or minimize any force from transferring to the leg itself.

The straps are made from elastic cloth which can also be adjusted to fit the wearer properly. 

Area Protected

The leg guards protect the shin along with part of the knee and ankle. This added protection prevents further injury from happening to the wearer. It also wraps around the leg more and is a bit wider than other leg guards. In terms of protection, this leg guard has you covered.


The leg guards are very, very comfortable to wear, especially since the materials used are light. The inner-cotton-lining is also a big plus because it does not interfere with the wearer’s performance whatsoever.

C. Final Comparison

The GM leg guard is the better option when it comes to protection. It is made from better materials, protects the wearer better, and is more worth-the-value. However, if size and purpose are your concerns, then the Wasan leg guards are the better option. For their cost and purpose, they are definitely also worth their price.

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