The top-tier brand versus the long-time cricket equipment provider.

A. Adidas Men's Cricket CRI HASE Shoes (2019 Edition)

Adidas Men's Cricket CRI HASE Shoes (2019 Edition)


The Adidas Men's Cricket CRI HASE Shoes (2019 Edition) cost ₹ 3,799.00. This is on par with other cricket shoe prices.


The rubber outsole of the  shoe is made from rubber while the midsole is made from EVA plastic. This combination of materials provides comfort during intense activities, responsiveness when and where necessary, and makes the shoe noticeably lighter. The upper part of the shoes is made from synthetic leather providing strength and rigidity. The shoe is padded with cotton and other foam-like materials, providing the wearer comfort even during prolonged use.

The shoe is secured to the foot using laces. Compared to other shoes, this type does away with the velcro strap that could otherwise add unnecessary weight. The downside, though, is that if the laces come undone, there is a possibility that the shoe could come off the wearer’s foot.

The shoe also has a few ‘ventilation’ meshes that allow air to flow in and out of the shoe, giving the wearer’s foot some breathability. 


The shoe uses a blend of neutral and bright colors, making it very easy on the eyes. The shoe is also available in different color combinations such as Footwear White, Eqt Blue and True Orange.


The shoe makes use of rubber spikes instead of metal ones. It serves as an all-purpose option but it has its limits - it has less traction on mud, more so on wet grass. The spikes also don’t dig that deep into the terrain, making it difficult to stop. And since they are made of rubber, they can get worn out relatively fast.


The shoes provide excellent comfort for players during games. It doesn’t wrap too tightly around the foot nor too loosely, and it gives the player maximum comfort thanks to the shoes’ inner linings.

B. Kookaburra Cricket Rubber Shoes

Kookaburra Cricket Rubber Shoes


The Kookaburra cricket rubber shoes ₹ 3,499.00, an average price for a cricket shoe of average materials.


The upper part of the shoe is made from a combination of mesh, PU, and latex providing comfort, durability, and freshness. The materials also make the shoe extremely light. The shoe is equipped with Kookaburra ‘cage’ technology providing midfoot support and helps hold the shoe in place.

The sole is made from rubber, providing comfort even during intense activities. Combined with the midsole’s EVA material, it acts as a cushion for the foot and provides comfort even during extensive use.


The shoe blends neutral colours with bright neon ones, providing maximum visibility and making it easy on the eyes. It also features the brand’s signature logo on the side as part of the ‘cage’.


The shoe comes with rubber spikes instead of metal ones. It gives the shoe an all-around use and traction on all kinds of playing fields, just not as much. However, since it is made of rubber, it has its limits - it is more difficult to play with on wet terrain, it does not provide great stopping power, and it gets worn out significantly faster. 


The shoe feels comfortable around the foot, especially since most of the tightness is around the midfoot. The materials used to make the shoe are all very light making the shoe very, very light.

C. Final Comparison

Taking every detail into account, the two shoes are nearly identical - from price to materials. The only key difference that can have a big impact on which to choose lies with the brand - would you rather go with a manufacturer that knows exactly what to add in the shoe to make it useful to those who use it or a well-known brand?

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