Top manufacturers of cricket materials.

A. New Balance Full Spike CK4040W3 High Impact Cricket Shoes

New Balance Full Spike CK4040W3 High Impact Cricket Shoes


The New Balance cricket shoe costs a hefty ₹ 9,999.00. This is an uncommon price for high-quality cricket equipment, especially with New Balance since. The brand is synonymous with quality, especially when talking about their shoes. Given this, you can expect that the materials used in creating this shoe are top-tier.


The upper part of the shoe is made with soft-action leather, perfect for providing flexibility and strength. The leather allows the player to participate in intense activities without having to worry about wear-and-tear. The shoe’s midsole is made with the company’s signature material ‘Revlite’. This gives the shoe unrivalled comfort even during strenuous activities and strength to withstand extensive use that would burn a hole through most shoes’ sole. Additionally, it also gives the wearer’s sock extra grip, meaning that the shoe is less likely to slip out of the player’s foot or come undone.

The shoe’s outer-sole is made with high-action rubber giving the player additional comfort even during demanding activities. It also gives the player extra grip when needing to stop on a dime. The shoe also has a midsole strap, something that most shoes don’t have. This is to prevent the shoe from coming off even when the laces get untied. 

Both parts of the shoe - the upper and lower - are joined using a non-sewn process. This has its own pros and cons. For one, it removes any unnecessary weight. However, there is a tendency that when part of the shoes’ bottom sole (which is the most common part that gets loose) starts to come off, the entire bottom sole could, at any time, fall off.


The shoe has the classic New Balance look - clean. It makes use of no more than two (or three) colours. This is to minimize irritation on the eyes (this is due to colour combinations that may be painful to look at). The shoe is also made with comfort in mind. It has ‘strategically placed’ ventilation holes that aid in the circulation of air in and around the foot.

Besides the laces, the shoe also has a midsole strap - a rare sight for 21st-century shoes. The laces can also be tied very close to the foot, minimizing the tendency of it coming off.


The shoe comes with 11 metal spikes that are in a ‘recessed’ placement. This configuration gives the player extra stopping power and grip. It also means that the wearer doesn’t need to exert that much effort when needing to reach maximum acceleration in a low amount of time.


The shoe is surprisingly comfortable even during intense activities. The features of the shoe all ensure that the wearer is comfortable at all times. The laces can either be comfortable or not, depending on how tight or loose it is. This is what the strap is essentially for - even if the laces are not that tight or are untied, the strap prevents the shoe from falling off.

B. Kookaburra Cricket Rubber Shoes

Kookaburra Cricket Rubber Shoes


The Kookaburra cricket shoes cost ₹ 3,499.00, around the average price for medium-quality shoes. Don’t let the price fool you though - despite being made from medium-quality materials, the shoe can be as strong as top-tier shoes when handled with care.


The upper portion of the shoe is composed of a combination of mesh material, polyurethane, and latex. This combination of materials gives the shoe a distinct feel when worn. Most importantly, the materials make the shoe ‘as light as a feather’. The shoe features the company’s ‘cage’ technology which provides the wearer’s foot added ‘security’ - meaning that the shoe is secured to the foot better. It also gives the foot more ‘breathability’ since there isn’t much hindering the flow of air.

The shoe’s sole is made from rubber providing the average comfort even during prolonged and intense periods. The midsole is made from EVA material, cushioning the foot and providing some comfort.


The shoe is, in a way, similar to New Balance’s - minimalistic, clean, and simple. A homage to the company can be seen on the sides of the foot facing outward that seems to blend in with the shoe. It is also part of the shoe’s ‘cage’ system.


The shoes’ spikes are made from rubber. Not the best option when using the shoe for a long period because there are instances when the rubber gets worn-out very quickly. Also, the rubber spikes aren’t meant to be used on grass because it tends to slip.


The shoe, because of its very light materials, seems as though you aren’t wearing anything. Because of the materials used, tightening the shoe can feel often make it feel uncomfortable since there isn’t much padding or separation from the lace to the foot. 

C. Final Comparison

The New Balance cricket shoe, though expensive, is the best option between the two. Overall, the shoe is better in every aspect - it is much more comfortable, stronger, and can take more abuse. The spikes are one of the most notable differences between the two. The rubber spikes, though cheaper, also don’t last as long as the steel ones do.

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