Well-known cricket equipment maker versus top-of-the-line brand.

A. SG Stroke 2.0 Full Metal Spikes Cricket Shoe

SG Stroke 2.0 Full Metal Spikes Cricket Shoe


The SG Stroke 2.0 full metal spikes cricket shoe costs ₹ 2,649.00. This inexpensive and highly-affordable shoe gives even those on a strict budget a great option for cricket shoes.


The upper part of the shoe is made from PU plastics to make the shoe light and comfortable. The outer sole is made solely from rubber for maximum traction while the midsole is made from EVA foam. The combination of the two materials makes for a very soft sole, perfect for absorbing impact when running and cushioning the foot during intense activities.

The heel is designed to be able to transfer energy where the foot needs it most especially when making sharp and sudden turns. This is great for bowlers who aim to bowl the perfect yorker or the batsman running back for a third run.

The inner part of the shoe is made with cotton and foam, making the foot feel fresh while providing comfort even during long games.


The shoe is designed with simplicity in mind - no unnecessary colours, no unnecessary design, no nonsense. It has the essentials that players will need on the field and nothing more.


Finding a shoe under ₹ 3,000.00 with metal spikes is a rare sight, more so when made by a well-known manufacturer. The spikes dig in when running on the pitch, providing excellent stopping and running capabilities. On the field however, it may not perform as intended.


The shoe, as mentioned above, is stuffed with cotton and foam on the inside giving the player maximum comfort when running. The materials also make the shoe extremely light, which helps the player run faster. 

B. New Balance Full Spike CK4040W3 High Impact Cricket Shoes

New Balance Full Spike CK4040W3 High Impact Cricket Shoes


The new balance full spike CK4040W3 high impact cricket shoes cost a whopping ₹ 9,999.00. This is to be expected with brands like New Balance since they are top manufacturers and providers of sporting equipment. The materials used are also some of the highest available, hence the high price tag.


The upper part of the shoe is made with soft action leather, giving the shoe flexibility and rigidity. It also makes the shoe slightly heavier than usual but other than that, there is nothing that could hinder a player. The midsole is made with ‘Revlite’, the company’s signature material. This provides comfort, strength, and responsiveness during games. 

The outer-sole is made from high-action rubber, providing comfort and maximum traction. The outer- and midsole are joined by a non-sewn process. The shoe also features a midsole support strap, making the shoe virtually irremovable from the wearer’s foot by accident even during high-intensity moments.


The shoe is styled very neatly, making use of three primary colors: white, grey, and neon green. It also has numerous ventilation holes that allow air to enter and exit the shoe, aiding in the anti-perspiration of the foot. The laces are connected to the shoe via loops. This feature allows the shoe to be held closer to the foot.


The shoe features an 11-spike recessed configuration. This allows the played to exert less effort when running to make him ‘stick’ to the surface since it uses the foot’s natural pressure points when running. The steel spikes also dig deep into the dirt to give the player more traction.


The shoe is made to fit comfortably around the foot of the player even during intense games thanks to the midfoot strap feature. This also gives the wearer added comfort since it secures the shoe better. The inner material of the shoe also aids in the comfort factor of the shoe.

C. Final Comparison

Surprisingly, the SG cricket shoe is the better choice between the two. It is more affordable and gives more value for money than the New Balance cricket shoe. It is more accessible to casual, non-pro, semi-pro, and professional players alike.

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