Bangladesh Cricketers Donates Half of Salary to Government

Bangladesh Cricketers Donates Half of Salary to Government

Bangladesh Cricketers Donates Half of Salary to Government

The players of the Bangladesh team decided to donate half of their monthly salaries to the government as assistance for the COVID-19 situation.

Hope glimmers well for the Bangladesh nation as their local cricket players pledged help for those who are in need due to COVID-19. In fact, a total of 27 cricket players donated half of their monthly salaries to help finance their government in fighting the pandemic. Among the 27 players were 17 players contracted by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) while the other 20 are those who had represented the national team. 

‘The whole world is fighting against coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak of coronavirus is also increasing in Bangladesh. We, the cricketers, are trying to aware people in social media to take necessary steps to prevent this pandemic’, said the players in a joint statement. 

The players also believe that there are many more things that they can do rather than just spread awareness among their co-players and the fans. They had decided to contribute in their own ways because they see it as a bigger step against the virus if it were all to be combined. 

Excluding the tax amount from the players’ salaries, the total amount they have donated would have equated to an estimated 25 lakh taka. Despite knowing the fact that it may not be enough for the overall situation, the players know that they have done their part. 

Aside from that, the players advised everyone to stay at home where it is safer. As of now, there are at least 39 positive cases in the country as well as 5 people dead amid the coronavirus spread. 

Currently, the Bangladeshi players’ international and Bangladesh Premier League matches are all suspended due to the virus. To know more about the BPL, visit Betwala. 

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