BCB Refutes FICA’s Accusations

BCB Refutes FICA’s Accusations

BCB Refutes FICA’s Accusations

The Bangladesh Cricket Board dismisses the claims of FICA that they have several outstanding payments for their players. 

Just recently, the Bangladesh Premier League has been involved in an issue which had been raised by the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA). The said allegation stated that the BPL, along with other sports leagues, have not been paying their players and are guilty of some systematic contract breaches. Aside from that, the FICA report also said that based on the Men’s Global Employment Report 2020, there are some Bangladesh players who are still unpaid. 

In response to the said allegations, the BCB spoke up to share their side of the story. On a media release dated August 4, the board labelled the allegations to be misleading and misinformed claims about the way they handle their franchisee event contracts. However, the BCB clarified that out of more than 170 people that they handle, only four payment issues remain. 

As per the BCB’s statement, 'The BCB would like to clearly state that the only unresolved/disputed payment from the BPL concerns four (4) persons - three overseas players and a coach, of one particular team that had participated in the 6th edition of the BPL held in 2018. This is an isolated case in a tournament where more than 170 local and overseas players and support staff were contracted’. 

The statement continued, ‘Between January and April 2020, the BCB received complaints from the representative(s) of the players and coach that the franchisee in question had failed to comply with its obligations and did not complete payment. As per the franchise agreement it was the responsibility of the franchisee to directly pay in full its contracted players and support staff’.

‘Nevertheless, as the regulatory body of the event, the BCB had duly inquired the matter and subsequently has initiated legal proceedings against the accused franchisee to realise the pending payment and resolve the issue. It should be noted that the Board has kept constant contact with the concerned individuals and representative(s) who are fully aware of the steps taken by the BCB’, they added.

The BCB also stated that they have already sent a legal notice to the different teams of the players to clear out the due payments. To learn more about the BPL and its different franchises, visit Betwala. 

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