Gayle Points Out the Reason for His Ouster from Tallawahs

Gayle Points Out the Reason for His Ouster from Tallawahs

Gayle Points Out the Reason for His Ouster from Tallawahs

Chris Gayle lambasts against Ramnaresh Sarwan as he describes him as the reason why he had been ousted from the Jamaica Tallawahs. 

Jamaican player Chris Gayle had been released by Caribbean Premier League (CPL) team of Jamaica Tallawahs. In a video, he talked about how Ramnaresh Sarwan had contributed to his ouster from the team. In fact, he used terms such as ‘worse than the coronavirus’, ‘snake’, ‘vindictive’, ‘immature’, ‘stabbing people in the back’, and ‘despicable’ to describe the latter. 

Gayle described how he had hoped to end his career with the Tallawahs but he had been undermined by several people there. Those people included some who he had used to play with and the one who served as their chief was Sarwan. 

The Tallawahs had been Gayle’s first team in the CPL where he had played four seasons before he had transferred to St Kitts and Nevis Patriots. After then, he re-signed with the Tallawahs with a three-year contract but it had prematurely ended because of the people. As he was released by the Tallawahs, Gayle had been signed up by the St Lucia Zouks for the next season of CPL. 

Gayle also described Sarwan’s behaviour during his stay with the team. He said, ‘When I came back to the Tallawahs, Sarwan was assistant coach. Myself and Sarwan had a discussion, he wanted to be the head coach. When I left Jamaica Tallawahs, that team was a high-spirited team. (But) the amount of complaints I used to get when I wasn't there, the amount of problems they had with Sarwan - Russell was the captain at that time - the amount of problem that Sarwan and the captain many players were traumatised because of Sarwan’.

The 40-year old player also said more about his problems with Sarwan and how the latter told so many lies to the team about him. Among those which he had shared is how Sarwan imposed team curfews to restrict the players and how he would complain that there were too many Jamaicans in the team. He also stated how Sarwan also influenced some players to mock him. 

Gayle concluded his statement after the said that life goes on and that if the CPL pushes forward, he’ll play. To know more about the Caribbean Premier League, head over to Betwala. 

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