Matt Renshaw to Take a Short Break from Cricket

Matt Renshaw to Take a Short Break from Cricket

Matt Renshaw to Take a Short Break from Cricket

Matt Renshaw decides to step away from cricket for a short while after being excluded in the Queensland Sheffield Shield squad.

Matt Renshaw chooses to take a break in cricket to recharge his skills and freshen himself up for a while. The decision took place after he had been axed out from the Queensland Sheffield Shield lineup for the upcoming match against Tasmania. 

The primary reason as to why Renshaw had not been included in the lineup is the fact that the 23-year-old player had not been capable of scoring a century in a total of 28 innings. Before, he had served to be Brisbane Heat’s second-highest scorer with three half-centuries done. Last week in Queensland’s 2nd XI clash with Western Australia, he just scored 26 off 117 balls. 

Renshaw also happened to miss out club cricket last Saturday due to some family reasons. He is set to be included in the lineup of Cricket Australia XI against the England Lions for a four-day match that is set to start in Hobart this Saturday. However, he'll miss it out due to the break that he'll take. 

However, upon Renshaw’s decision to recharge himself, his next game that he’ll prepare for is set on February 24 against the ACT/NSW Country. He is also most welcome to play for Queensland in a match against Victoria which is set on the same date. 

Usman Khawaja will temporarily take Renshaw’s place in the Cricket Australia XI. 

Aside from Sheffield Shield, Renshaw also plays for the Brisbane Heat under the Big Bash League. To know more about the teams that make up the league, head over to Betwala. 

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