PCB to Stage Pakistan Super League Later This Year

PCB to Stage Pakistan Super League Later This Year

PCB to Stage Pakistan Super League Later This Year

The board of governors of the PCB still plans to stage the remaining matches of the PSL later this year. 

The 2020 season of the Pakistan Super League has been suspended since March 17 because of the lockdowns which had been imposed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, the PCB’s board of governors (BoG) had decided to stage the remainder of PSL 2020 even by the end of the year. 

Even though the PSL had been suspended without having been concluded, the BoG has congratulated the PCB for the success that the PSL has achieved. Prior to the lockdown, the management has staged a total of 30 completed matches at four different venues with more than 500,000 spectators. 

Aside from the targetted resumption of the games, the PCB and the BoG has also planned about adding Peshawar as a fifth venue of the 2021 edition of the PSL which will be held in February and March. In addition to that, an exclusive PSL department will also be launched to oversee the event with the guidance of PSL project executive Shoaib Naveed. 

The oversight group will also be comprised of a chief executive, a chief operating officer, a chief financial officer, and a director commercial who are yet to be named. So far, another PSL general council meeting is scheduled at the first week of July to provide more details about the said matter. 

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