Umar Akmal Appeals Against His Three-Year Ban

Umar Akmal Appeals Against His Three-Year Ban

Umar Akmal Appeals Against His Three-Year Ban

Umar Akmal makes an appeal to the PCB in order to shorten his three-year ban from all forms of cricket. 

Recently, Umar Akmal has been handed a three-year ban by the PCB for his serious breaches of the anti-corruption code. The decision has been handed down by PCB’s chairman of the disciplinary panel (retired) Justice Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan. 

As per the PCB’s constitution, Akmal’s appeal will be required to undergo an appointment of an independent adjudicator within 15 days. This judge, whoever it may be, will have to review the case as well as the quantum of the punishment. 

Also according to PCB’s code, the panel will need not to conduct a new hearing for the said matter as it would only need to limit itself to ‘a consideration of whether the decision being appealed was erroneous’. 

The reason why Akmal may have appealed is the fact that the ban had been a bit unprecedented. Also, other players who committed some similar offences had received fewer punishments compared to what had been granted to him. In fact, other players who had the same situation were only given a ban which lasted for at least two months to two years after they cooperated with the committee. 

On the contrary, it was recorded that Akmal did not show any remorse during the trial and that he did not fully coordinate with the investigating authorities. 

Akmal has breached Article 2.4.4 of the anti-corruption code of the PCB twice. With that, he has been banned from cricket for three years after he had been suspended from the Quetta Gladiators last February. The Quetta Gladiators is Akmal’s team in the Pakistan Super League. To know more about this league, check out Betwala. 

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