August 2019 - 3rd Week Cricket Highlights

August 2019 - 3rd Week Cricket Highlights

August 2019 - 3rd Week Cricket Highlights

Find out the 3rd-week cricket highlights for the month of August.

Recently, Ravi Shastri remains as India’s head coach. He beat out all the other candidates to make it as Team India’s head coach. As the team celebrates a small triumph, there have been possible attacks on the team as they are touring the West Indies; these reports turn out to be fake.

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Virat Kohli thinks that the World Test Championship is a great addition to the game. He also thinks that teams will come up with new and innovative ways to get an edge over the competition.

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Cricket for Pakistan will be given a new chance to showcase their talents as well as make-up for their subpar performance in the ICC World Cup when they tour England.

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During the second Ashes Test match, Steve Smith was hit on the neck by a bouncer bowled by Jofra Archer. Joe Root hoped that this was just an accident and nothing serious would come off it. He also wished Smith a speedy recovery.

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