May 2020 - Third Week Highlights

May 2020 - Third Week Highlights

May 2020 - Third Week Highlights

Here are all the 3rd-week highlights for the month of May. 

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the ICC has planned to ensure the safety of all its players by banning the use of saliva to shine cricket balls. This is to minimize a possible spread of the virus among the players and the staff. However, players like Pat Cummins asks for other ways to shine the balls aside from the possible use of their sweat. 

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Some players also happen to deal with some attitude cases while the games are still on hold. This includes Pakistan player Umar Akmal who appeals against the three-year ban which had been imposed to him by the PCB for his anti-corruption code breaches. Meanwhile, the CPL decided not to impose any disciplinary measures against Chris Gayle after his YouTube outburst. 

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England, on the other hand, is looking forward to the resumption of cricket matches even if their players’ training had been delayed. Still, they remain hopeful that the training will push through in preparation for their matches in July. Aside from that, the ECB is also giving out some retainer payments for their domestic women players as financial support in these hard times. 

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As cricket matches remain to be postponed, several cricket committees are hopeful that their players may go back to the field for their unfinished matches. This is in the same way that Betwala hopes to provide you again with the most reliable cricket odds once everything resumes. 

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